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France at a glance

France at a glance

French tech & innovation

France offers an environment favourable to innovation and to young entrepreneurs. France is home to more of the world’s top 100 most innovative companies than any other country in Europe1. It ranks sixth in the world in number of international patent applications2. 71 competitiveness clusters around the country form an appealing ecosystem for start-ups, laboratories, universities, and major corporations.

French Tech, with €200 million invested, supports the development of digital enterprises and attracts young talent. With the changing policies France is poised to become a tech power. This country is constantly working to open its economy and borders to tech start-ups.

The labour costs today are far more understandable and predictable. France is offering easy-to-access French Tech visas to founders, employees, and investors alike. It’s never been easier for techies to live and work in France. 41% of France’s PhD students are not French. All of this makes a sizable reservoir of drive, talented yet inexpensive engineers available.

The readiness of youth and students to work for start-ups changes the dynamics entirely. It pushes the entire nation towards a pro-innovation and pro-technology stance. 

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