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International Students

International Students

Student life

In 2004, ESIGELEC received funding to establish its facility and relocated to the Technopôle du Madrillet, South of Rouen at the Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, the school is at the epicentre of innovation flanked by several companies and several other academic institutions. The cutting-edge facility, spread across three hectares, has received two architectural awards.

ESIGELEC spaces include five amphitheatres with seating capacity ranging from 100-420 in addition to 14 tutorial rooms, ten laboratories, five research rooms, and a library that houses over 6,000 books and periodicals. A second building is dedicated entirely to business services, while the third is home to IRSEEM, the dedicated research wing. Built to further innovation, the school offers comprehensive test and measurement resources. Delivered specifically through an Innovation-Transfer Area and technological platforms housed within CISE, at IRSEEM (Embedded Systems Integration Campus), the focus areas here include:

         Autonomous Navigation

         CEM – Mechatronics and Microelectronics

         Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

         Future Nacelles check translation

Cutting-edge equipment and technology are integral to ESIGELEC’s vision, with all students receiving access, allowing them to benefit from a combination of both teaching and practical research.

Students also have full use of a cafeteria-restaurant, a foyer, and more than 15 offices dedicated to the Student Union (BDE), Sports Union (BDS), and various clubs.

          State-of-the-art information systems

With high-speed Wi-Fi across all buildings, digital services are the arterial system for all information exchange and transmission across ESIGELEC. These include courseware, digital timetable, and administrative platforms (registrations, school certifications, online payment, notes, reports, catch-ups, attendance, and sponsor access to grades and other records).

          Technopole du Madrillet just an hour from Paris

Only 7 kilometres, or a few minutes thanks to the metro-bus network with a train every eight minutes, from the centre of Rouen, the Madrillet Technopole is accessible to all students. With cycle paths and other travel routes embellished by stunning scenery, the facility also offers a restaurant, accommodation, a shopping complex, and plenty of art and culture attractions like the Zenith and Parc des Expositions.

          The CPII in the heart of Rouen

The venue for the 2-year Integrated International Preparatory Cycle leading to the 3-year Engineering Program is at another site at the rue de la Tour de Beurre, easily accessible by public transport. Located in an upmarket location by the cathedral in the Rouen city centre, complete with Wi-Fi access and other facilities, the building can house over 400 students.

          The Rouen Normandy Science and Engineering Campus

All stakeholders of the Madrillet Technopole, also home to ESIGELEC, have joined forces through the “Rouen Normandy Campus for Sciences and Engineering”, an association aiming to enhance the attractiveness of this region. With the support of the Normandy Region and the Rouen Normandy Metropolis, new infrastructure such as a sports hall, co-working space, and extensive catering facilities will soon be launched.

          Rouen a top student city

ESIGELEC is a bustling student city, Rouen, which also houses twelve other major higher education institutions.

With nearly 44,000 students spread across these institutions, Rouen is a melting pot of cultures, disciplines, and interest. A whole host of festive, cultural, and association events means it is impossible not to rub shoulders with the rest of the student community. For instance, every year, the Rouen Town Hall invites students to The Zazimuts, an extravaganza of events, concerts, and theatre. For the athletically inclined, the Rouen Normandy Metropolis also organises a Rouen Normandy Sup Cup sports challenge. To get international students acquainted with the region and help them settle in, CESAR (the Conference of Higher Education Establishments of the Rouen Agglomeration) oversees joint activities and publishes a welcome guide for students in Rouen.