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Research partners


IRSEEM is one of the founding members of the Carnot ESP - Energy and Propulsion Systems Institute. Created in November 2006, the Carnot ESP Institute has set itself the objective of providing scientific and technological solutions to the optimization of energy devices and propulsion systems. Its initiatives constitute a response to two significant current challenges - the scarcity of fossil fuels and the impact of harmful emissions on health and the environment. The other founding members are CORIA (Interprofessional Research Complex in Aerothermochemistry, UMR 6614), GPM (Materials Physics Group, UMR 6634), LCS (Laboratory Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, UMR6506), CRISMAT (Laboratory of Crystallography and Materials Science, UMR6508), CEVAA (Centre for Vibro-Acoustic Studies for the Automobile), and CERTAM (Centre for Study and Technological Research in Aerothermal and Engines). IRSEEM is also a member of the NAE Normandie Aerospace sector of excellence.

IRSEEM is part of the framework for the Territoires d’industrie (Industrial Territories), a 1.36-billion-euro initiative designed to advance 146 industrial territories identified by the government. The institute is focused on the needs of CSIRN (Campus Sciences et Ingénierie Rouen Normandie or Rouen Normandy Science and Engineering Campus in English).  It involves various actors in the Normandy territory working in projects around mobility, centred on the metropolis of Rouen. In this context, they work together in the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab and within the structure of an innovation territory programme called “Normandy, smart mobility for all.”