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The research institute IRSEEM

IRSEEM operates with a cohesive management committee, advisory boards, and a transversal administration. The IRSEEM Council is made up of the Director of the Laboratory, the Director-General of ESIGELEC, heads of research centres, and the Head of the Resources and Operations Department. Its role is to orient the scientific strategy of the institute, establish and follow-up on the projects in progress, to answer questions related to the scientific rigour behind the unit’s functioning, and to coordinate administrative and financial activities. The council holds regular weekly meetings and also convenes outside of the schedule if required.

IRSEEM comprises teacher-researchers, post-doctoral researchers, research engineers, and doctoral students. The SIRD includes a team of four engineers and four technicians who support the laboratory’s scientific production work. This team also assists the research programs by helping develop proofs of concept and promoting research within the socioeconomic landscape. The administrative team, four members strong, is centralised within the SRO (Service of Resources and Operations) and carries out all administrative and management activities.


IRSEEM is a Reception Team certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and attached to the University of Rouen. It prepares theses in close cooperation with industry and public research within the framework of regional, national, and international projects.