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France at a glance

France at a glance

World class education

France bestows world class education to the student population. Seekers of education come from all over the world to France as more than 1300 programs are taught in English. The higher education system of France comprises of 3500 public and private institutions that encompasses excellent programs at all levels and in every discipline.

The list of best places in the world to attend university is full of names from France. What’s interesting is that individuals of all ages can attend any of the fabulous colleges and universities in the country and expect to learn a great deal and earn a degree. France is home to some of the best universities in the world, and the country leads the way in a number of industries.

When it is a wonderful education that is desired, it is France that more people look to. The reasons are aplenty – amazing educational opportunities, a rich culture and heritage, an envious lifestyle and cheaper cost of living.