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France at a glance

France at a glance

The heart of Europe

France is one of Europe’s largest countries. With a rich history and culture, among the most
significant in the Western world, the country has played an iconic role in international affairs.
Six countries border France - Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg to the northeast;
Switzerland and Italy to the southeast; and Spain to the southwest. With several large
international airports (two of which are in Paris), ferry terminals, and a well-developed rail
service, France is the gateway to Europe.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, France attracts visitors from
across the planet for its stunning architecture, picturesque landscape, and exquisite food. Its
robust economy is the sixth-largest in the world, driven by services, manufacturing,
telecommunications, and healthcare. The country is home to several global giants, including
Renault, Airbus, Total, Orange, Orano, Dassault, and Capgemini.

Living in France gives you access to the European Union. You can enjoy free travel without
a visa to twenty-six countries under the Schengen Area and don’t need to change currency
when you visit the nineteen Euro Zone countries. If you enjoy exploring new regions and
cultures, then you’re in for a treat. Several European capitals are accessible by train - the
Thalys will take you to Brussels in 90 minutes, and to Amsterdam in three hours. The
Eurostar means that London is a mere two hours away from Paris. For fliers, there’s even
more. Berlin, Rome, and Madrid are less than a two-hour flight away from most French
cities, allowing you to explore Europe on a budget, without wasting time.