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Continuing Education

To ensure their staff are employable and in order to respond to a market’s economic and technical demands, businesses need to train their personnel. ESIGELEC provides professional vocational training without a qualification (off the peg or customised).

Vocational Training (without a qualification)

Training courses are available for all levels, from operator to engineer. Our aim is to respond to your needs as much as possible by offering phased training courses as new technical and technological applications evolve.

Off the peg, inter-business training courses :DIF professional training, CIF work release training, training plans, professionalization period – we have more than 100 short term courses for your individual or group requirements.
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Custom, intra-business training :adapted to your requirements in terms of content, duration, planning and place of learning (at a centre or on site). We take your objectives into account along with your working methods and tools with practical work and role play scenarios in our laboratories and/or with your own equipment.
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Professionalization routes:organised through your OPCA (approved funding collection organisation), these courses help staff on temporary contracts to acquire new skills by training them for a qualification, helping them to maintain their employment. Each ‘route’ is personalised and defined with the employer and staff member.
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Training with a qualification (Fontanet programme)

Become a qualified engineer through the continuing education process. This programme enables senior technicians with at least three years of professional experience to obtain the Engineering degree within two years.
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