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Operations abroad

Joint Preparatory Cycles in Africa

ESIGELEC has developed:

  • In Senegal: a partnership with ESMT (Multinational University of Telecommunications) in Dakar in order to set up a joint preparatory cycle which started at the beginning of the 2004 academic year
  • In Cameroon: a joint preparatory cycle with the Lycée VOGT in Yaoundé at the beginning of 2006
  • In Benin: a joint preparatory cycle with the Aupiais secondary school in Cotonou at the beginning of 2008

These joint preparatory cycles are intended to enable African students, who are selected by their school and our partners, to follow two years of preparatory classes with an African partner establishment. They can then apply to attend a three year Engineering cycle either at ESIGELEC or a partner school in France or Africa. The two year preparatory cycles are based on the ESIGELEC two year Integrated International Preparatory Cycle programme.