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SRT - Innovation - Transfer

IRSEEM’s work also includes a significant amount of technology transfer activity, achieved by getting deeply involved in economic development, particularly through the CRT (Technological Resource Centre).

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IRSEEM ensures a quick transfer of its research work towards its social and economic partners through its participation to collaborative projects and its test, simulation, validation and measurement benches. This equipment is administered by the Technological Resources Service, awarded with the CRT label (Technological Resources Center), and allows tests and measurements to be conducted on companies’ demands, so as to validate technological choices for the various research projects.

Who are we?

A technological support center for businesses and more precisely, SMEs. IRSEEM CRT draws on IRSEEM’s three areas of research activity and their associated resources :

  • Electronics & Systems
  • Automation & Systems
  • Instrumentation, IT & Systems

Our missions :

  • Promote our experimental platforms : 2 semi-anechoic chambers, one mode-stirring reverberating chamber, 2 near-field test benches, BCI and DPI test benches
  • Ensure valorization / transfer contracts to companies and project holders
  • Develop structuring actions towards sectors, clusters…
  • Support internal or external units within research projects

Our expertise :

  • EMC, electric/hybrid power train, micro-electronics, mechatronics
  • Embedded systems : simulation, communication, navigation, vision
  • Test benches, man machine interface, 3D scanning technique
  • Instrumentation : systems, living world
  • Energy conversion

Our main activities :

  • EMC services
  • Technological support
  • Monitoring
  • Training services
  • Business network coordination
  • Involvement in technology transfer and innovation systems
  • Supporting regional authority activities

IRSEEM is in regular contact with approximately 100 businesses.

The CRT label

IRSEEM was labelled as a CRT (Technological Resource Centre) by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research in June 2007 for a period of 3 years.

A Technological Resource Centre is an organisation which facilitates the dispersal of technology :

  • It enables businesses without the relevant human, financial or technical resources to access a specific technology
  • The CRT carries out its technological services on behalf of SMEs in particular
  • The CRT has its own technological and analytical resources and offers a range of off the peg or tailor made services for businesses

Obtaining this label illustrates the relevance of the work carried out alongside, most notably, SMEs from the region’s electronics sector. This work is carried out in partnership with local and national authorities who, on top of providing financial support, also help us to correctly target our activities in order to respond to industry needs and contribute effectively to their growth and competitiveness.

IRSEEM is a member of the AFCRT (French Association of Technological Resource Centres).

CIR approval

The Ministry for Higher Education and Research gave IRSEEM CIR approval (research tax credit) for the years 2009 to 2012.

The CIR is a tax incentive system which favours research and innovation. It enables businesses to benefit from a tax credit which corresponds to the total amount of capital invested in R&D over the year.

The total amount of money IRSEEM now spends on eligible R&D activities can be accounted for as part of the actual amount within the CIR tax base.

Please note that the onus is on businesses, as beneficiaries of the CIR scheme, to ensure that any work carried out by IRSEEM is eligible to be taken into account.

Contacts :

Nicolas ROGER
SRT manager

Constitution of the team :

Engineers (Electronics, Embedded systems, software development, Mechatronics)

* Nicolas Roger, SRT manager
* Pierre Merriaux

EMC/Electronics Technicians, engine manufacturers :

* Patrick Aubry
* Christophe Fauconnier
* Didier Prieur
* Christophe Allegre
* Marc Dehais

* Fabrice Duval, Manager of the EMC measurement laboratory.

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