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Business partnerships

ESIGELEC have a network of more than 3000 businesses, including 650 abroad. The school develops a number of services for industry (continuing education, engineering, expert services, etc).
Businesses become strongly involved in life at ESIGELEC through the school itself but also on a national and international level. Businesses are invited to formalise their activities in the form of partnership agreements or contracts.

At the school

  • Participation in the Board of Directors and consultative committees such as the Council for Scientific and Strategic Orientation and the Proficiency Council
  • Participation in the steering committees for majors which bring together renowned businesses and universities, and a group of associate professors from the industry
  • Proposal of subject areas for engineering student projects
  • Participation in internship juries
  • Involvement in the educational process (lessons, lectures given by 71 temporary lecturers)
  • Involvement in the recruitment process in relation to the Direction of the Corporate Relations, and the SIGELEC (Graduates Association) :
    • Participation in the ESIGELEC / INSA Rouen Business Forum
    • Participation in Business Thursdays, and recruitment simulations
    • Visits by business representatives
  • Sponsoring of graduation ceremonies
  • Sending interns to the school for continuing, graduate or vocational education, or for the BADGE training scheme
  • Payment of apprenticeship tax
  • Provision of cutting edge materials

On a national level

  • Accepting intership students
  • Accepting apprentices
  • Support with social openness activities or those associated with diversity and disability issues such as the ‘Cercle Passeport Télécom’ programme, the ‘Industrielles’ (Industry Girls) scheme, the ‘Elles bougent’ (Here Come The Girls) programme, the ‘Handimanagement’ disability awareness programme, etc.
  • Direct scientific collaboration through the CRT, the Carnot Institutes, or competitiveness clusters

On a European and international level

One of ESIGELEC’s strategic objectives is to develop our partnerships with French companies or their subsidiaries, in order to support their development.

These partnerships can take the form of various activities :

  • Accepting internship students
  • Accepting apprentices
  • Accepting international business volunteers
  • Accepting break year students
  • Implementing customised training for members of staff (in French or English)
  • Tripartite partnerships between a foreign university, the business and ESIGELEC in order to construct non localised course programmes in line with market needs

A few examples :

  • Africa :
    • France Telecom, Schneider : accepting African students onto work/study programme
    • Partnership with the GRANNDE Association for a business start-up co-development programme
  • China :
    • VALEO,
  • India :
    • FRANCE TELECOM : ESIGELEC are one of 3 schools for the France Télécom/Orange group in India within the context of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs programme which supports top level Indian students studying in France

Become a partner :

Contact :
Direction of Corporate Relations
Clément Prévost, Director
02 32 91 58 58

Institutional partnerships


ESIGELEC have a permanent policy of developing connections with local protagonists (businesses, local authorities, research laboratories, etc) and helping to develop the local economy.
We have the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rouen and cooperate with various public institutions such as the regional prefecture, the local education authority, the Haute Normandie Regional Council, the Seine Maritime Regional Council, the Rouen Area Council, etc.

Other partners :

  • The ‘Normandie AéroEspace’ group of businesses
  • The ‘ELENE’ (ELEctronique NormandiE) group of businesses
  • SEINARI, the Haute Normandie Innovation Agency
  • ACCEVAL, the Haute Normandie regional incubator
  • URISHN, the Haute Normandie Regional Scientific and Engineering Workers Union


ESIGELEC are a member of the CGE (French Conference of top management and engineering Schools), the CDEFI (Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools – the managing Director of the ESIGELEC is a member of the permanent committee) and the CEFI (Research Centre for Engineering Education). The school also participates in different research networks and programmes (RTRE, RTRA, PCRD, etc) and competitiveness clusters (MOV’EO, nov@log, TES, ASTECH, Aerospace Valley, etc.)

Other partners :

  • The SYNTEC Federation, a federation of professions including those involved in engineering, information technology services, research and consultancy services, professional education.
  • Pascaline Association – association promoting cooperation between businesses and educational establishments in the fields of information and communication technologies
  • UIMM, Metallurgy and Mining Industries Union

European and international

  • AUF (Agency for French speaking universities).
  • CAMPUS France
  • TCAS, Transnational Clustering in the Automotive Sector
  • AMSE, Advancement of Modelling and Simulation in Enterprises

University partnerships


ESIGELEC is a partner for numerous higher education and research establishments and has joint degree programmes with Rouen Business School and the IAE in Rouen (double skill manager-engineer), and joint Master of Research programmes with the University of Rouen and the University of Le Havre (joint accreditation of the Masters in Electrical Energy and Systems). A Masters in Mechatronics has been set up with the University of Rouen, in partnership with INSA, ESIGELEC and the University of Le Havre. As regards research ESIGELEC, through IRSEEM, are a founding member of the Carnot ‘ESP’ Institute, regional doctoral schools (particularly the SPMII), as well as large research networks (GRRs) alongside the Universities of Rouen and Le Havre and INSA and other laboratories (GRR coordination is carried out by the Head of IRSEEM).

ESIGELEC are also heavily involved in the ADEIN network of Normandy engineering schools, and CESAR, an association of higher education establishments in the Rouen area.

We will also be willing to subscribe to the planned ‘PRES Normand’ higher education and research cluster.


ESIGELEC are a partner to numerous higher education and research establishments in the context of double degree courses. These include agreements with Audencia (double skill manager-engineer) and Masters of Research courses with the University of Versailles St Quentin en Yveline and the University of Orsay. We also cooperate on research with CRAN in Nancy, XLim in Limoges, ONERA, LGEP in Gif sur Yvette, INRETS, etc.

European and international

ESIGELEC are developing and consolidating our partnerships with universities, laboratories, research centres, institutions and businesses in developed and developing countries and Africa. The aim of this policy is to increase the school’s international reach and influence.

The school currently has 90 partnership agreements in place with higher education establishments in 40 different countries.

  • Europe : Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, UK, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey
  • Africa and the Middle East : Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, Lebanon, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia
  • North and South America : Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Asia : China, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, India
  • Oceania : Australia

The IRSEEM, the school’s research institute, is heavily involved in Franco-British cooperation and more widely on a European level. It is rapidly developing its international partnerships, particularly with the UK, China, India and USA

Become a partner :

Contact :
Direction of International Relations
Cyril Marteaux, Director
02 32 91 58 58